Thursday, March 26, 2009

day one

Lillian is great and the workshop is fabulous. We worked today on Summer and Winter and the variations on the treadling for those: alternates, "O," "X." and polychrome, then segued into Taquete. Some great work.
Pictures tomorrow.
Homework tonight to do some drafting.
I want to work on some 4 and 5 colour drafts. Lillian, of course, is up to six.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


say it out loud and think long sessions seated.
LONG drive today. I stayed over in something other than the halfway point, so had over 8 hours in the car. Finally cozied up at the La Quinta. I heated up my "Amy's" gluten-free mac and cheese and some quickie broccoli steamers for my supper and opened up the pups' munch....supper, walkies, (success!!!) and now we can all crawl into bed and not move.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Workshopping in Texas

Thought I'd put this one together to be about classes and workshops...taking them and teaching them. The current workshopping will be in Texas, where I am attending a two-day workshop with one of the weavers I REALLY think walks on water, Lillian Whipple.
her site is here
and click on the link to view her absolutely astounding work.
The technique is called "taquete" and is often considered in the same ballpark as Summer and Winter. It's a complex plain-weave. What spoke to me about it is that it's a way to make a simple "tapestry" using a loom-controlled structure. The trick is in the drafting! I am up to 3 colours and hope that Lillian can help me master 4 and 5.
Anyway, on the road with the doglettes, Daisy and Ablard (see the other blogs under my profile) who will stay over in San Antonio at a "bed and biscuit" while I am at the workshops. While traveling, we stay at La Quinta Inns, where the doglettes are welcome and we always find a clean and comfy room.
Anyway, more commentary and pictures to come!