Sunday, November 18, 2012

Angels among us...

Working on drafts for taqueté angels. I used to use Lillian Whipple's lovely cards of a little woven angel, framed, as special gifts to mark a milestone or help somebody thru a rough time, but, it seems I got the last five. Decided it was time to "roll my own" I'm really happy with the first design, a blue-robed angel holding a candle, for 16 shafts. Working on a 24-shaft design with some colour-mixing.
Picture to come.  I had worked on the first "export fabric" in "Preview" and find that it saves changes whether you want it to or not, so, the angel has a "cartoon bubble" sitting there that I "added" just to see what that tool does.  SO, have to go back to scratch. 
And..a few mouse-clicks later, here is her tiny self.  Might do some bookmarks.  This is the 16-shaft version.